Friday, February 11, 2011

I am back.

I am back, and do you think I forgot about our friends the penguins? Hell no! I'll admit, the resistance against the squirrels is too small to make any difference at current but don't give up!
Maybe in the meantime we could all investigate getting pet penguins? Imagine just how much easier it would be to get a date when she sees your place a complete mess, is about to leave then notices a cute little penguin. She would fall right into your arms!
Also remember that penguins are birds, if you have a pet lion or any other large cat they won't co-exist very well, but penguins are big enough to handle your standard household cat with a good slap to the face!
Always keep in mind, penguins are our dear friends, anyone who hates penguins should be shunned.

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