Friday, February 27, 2009

Cowboys and Indians

Back when all the old people were kids, they played cowboys and Indians. Basically a version of cops and robbers I guess, never really got the difference other than the racism. In any western movie you watch cowboys and Indians didn't get along to well. Now it wasn't exactly like the movies but it is at least a little bit true. So why would the Indians want to dress up like cowboys? That would be like an American dressing up as an Iraqi and walking down the street. Well maybe not that extreme lets say Russian because it's not a current enemy. Still though, if there is something that is thought to be the opposite of your people why would you want to be that. Are these people abandoning their own heritage? If so why are they blaming it on us? I think we all need to take a break from being what we're not and go to a zoo and see some penguins.

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