Friday, February 27, 2009

Recession and coffee shops

Lets face it, recession is here, we can all feel it. My town is particularity hit right now, a lot of people work in mills which are shutting down and a lot of people have been laid off. I personally am not really effected because I work at Tim Hortons. It is our annual contest, Roll up the rim to win. Now explain to me, how in the hell can this year be as busy as last year when there is no money? Personally instead of paying 1.53 for a coffee, I would go home and brew a pot using probably less than 1.53 worth of coffee and have a whole pot. Even if I only drank one cup and threw the rest out I would still be saving myself money. People cut back on eating out, but why not on drinking out? they spend just as much proportinally as they do on eating out.

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